One Stop Shop: Shifting The Home Healthcare Paradigm


  1. Electronic Health Record:  Location-based HIPAA compliance
  2. Communication: Instant streamline and convenient communication with your community, consumers, and staff
  3. Documentation: Staff are able to complete a required note in less than seconds with the assistance of sensors
  4. Training: AI course creator providing staff the certifications to provide healthcare services without fraud, abuse, or neglect
  5. Scheduling: Staff are scheduled based on availability, travel distance, experience, consumer needs, moods and much more.
  6. Regulation Compliance: A complete audit trail based on city, state and federal regulations to help maintain compliance and provide complete transparency.
  7. Expense management: Managing income and expenses while eliminating petty cash, misuse of funds or exploitation
  8. Facilities Operations: Active sensors providing 24/7 housing and healthcare monitoring based on payer regulations 
  9. Payroll/Accounts Payable: Same day direct deposit for staff and tax management for all companies
  10. Referrals and Staff: NO MARKETING NEEDED, all are provided, eliminating marketing expenses
  11. Incident Management: A proactive incident management network completing incident reports in a fraction of the time 
  12. Social Impact: We are the first to integrate a community healthcare approach eliminating cost while optimizing everyone’s skills benefiting healthcare providers and community members, helping them achieve optimum autonomy.