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Tandem Community Care’s mission is to advance the health status of our participants by
providing value-based interventions and education aimed at bettering the individual’s safety and
wellness in addition to their economic and social conditions. We strive to promote optimal health
and independence such that participants may realize their full potential and role as valued
community members.

Who We Are

Tandem Community Care envisions a culture which not only advances the health status of our
participants but also that of our care team. By providing access to educational opportunities for
career advancement, we aim to enhance the community as a whole. Through respectful
partnership with program participants, their families, and team members, we strive to achieve
optimal living for all whom we touch.

Our Services

  • Supported Community Connections
  • Homemaker / Lifeskills / Mentorship
  • Respite Care
  • Personal Care
  • Prevocational Services
  • Supported Employment

Weekly Oversight and Mentorship
Tandem Community Care was founded by an occupational therapist whose passion is helping
individuals meet their personal goals and attain their highest level of independence. Each
program participant receives weekly visits from the Agency Administrator/OT in order to facilitate
relationship building and address goal objectives for optimizing progress. Through a
professional network of clinicians from relevant disciplines (PT, SLP, ABA, RN), the agency can
access numerous resources for personalized strategies according to each participant’s needs.