User Dashboard

Optonome community viewWelcome to your personal dashboard based on your current location (You must allow your device to access your location). You will be presented with a local community map (as shown) populated with transportation information, businesses, restaurants, and shops.

From this screen, you are also able to access your calendar, Quick Notes, Emergency team channel, notifications, training courses via the bottom right corner (book icon), team settings via your avatar top left corner (gear icon) or real-time communication channels via the bottom center (double arrows).



Create A New Team

  1. Sign in and view the dashboard
  2. Access “My Teams” as shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1


3) Under “Owned” click on “Create a new team” as shown in Fig. 2

Fig. 2


4a)  After clicking on “Create a new team” you will be presented with the screen as shown in Fig. 3.

4b) Name your team in the “Team Name” text box then click on the green “Create” button

4c) Optional (Upload Team Avatar) where you can name your new team and upload a logo or avatar.

4d) Click the blue “Done” button

Fig. 3


5) View team settings on the dashboard under Owned channels by clicking on the Edit Team Settings Icon as shown in Fig. 4

Fig. 4


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