Staffing For Healthcare

One of the most difficult things to do in 2018 and it is costing the home healthcare industry billions!

Staffing for 24-hour care can be exhausting because of the costs associated with screening, hiring, training and managing staff using traditional methods. The typical healthcare agency tends to hire an HR executive to manage these tasks which will become redundant as staff leave the workplace as early as one week after hire.  The home healthcare industry is broken and there is no solution in sight!

Optonome was built to overcome the problems that arise when using traditional methods and recreate a home health industry that will give families peace of mind and help healthcare agencies save time and money when supporting more people. Our value proposition for the home health industry resolves the turnover problem and help schedule staff for healthcare at a fraction of the costs based on availability, experience and individual support plan.

  1. Automatic screening of potential staff based on state regulations (FREE)
  2. Ability to upload courses to offer personalized online courses to the staff at no additional cost (FREE)
  3. Training courses reviewed by county officials helping train and certify family, friends and local community support professionals to document and care based on ISP and BSP.(FREE)
  4. Badging system to proactively track ongoing training requirements and match staff experience to individual support plans (ISP) for establishing rapport while supporting all behavioral healthcare needs (Included in monthly fee no extra cost)
  5.  One solution including on-demand scheduling, HR and payroll (coming soon)