We are shifting the home and community healthcare paradigm

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Using Optonome,  clinicians can create a home and community healthcare marketplace in any location allowing other clinicians and para-professionals like DSPs to offer value-based care. With Optonome, the back office of healthcare service delivery is taken care of allowing CEOs to focus on care delivery. With Optonome’s training and management, everyone is upskilled to work as a team to reduce waste and any allegations of exploitation, abuse, or neglect by providing a complete communication network that is HIPAA compliant. Our sensors help staff or families document their completed tasks with in-room electronic visit verification and prompt to provide support and interventions if needed to ensure health and safety.

Optonome has been tested for more than 30,000 hours while in beta training DSP’s in-home and community settings while they offered long term non-medical and medical services to Medicaid waiver participants. These participants require trained direct support professional (DSP) services to support their complex behaviors in home and community settings to ensure their health and safety.

  • Using Optonome, these participants were able to transition out of institutions and hospitals with long term care services offered by trained DSPs as outlined in their individual support plans(ISP) giving them optimum autonomy.
  • Using Optonome, DSPs become very efficient in helping participants reach their ISP Goals. Such a solution allows more people to receive services outside of and institution or hospital or even expensive housing situations
  • Using Optonome, Participants are able to transition from family homes, hospitals or institutions into community settings to focus on skill-building (social determinant of health), job opportunities (the majority of adults with disabilities are unemployed), savings for a home, or other goals (ability to participated in free goal-oriented activities) with the help of our growing clinical team of CEOs.

Optonome’s Care Model:

  • DSP’s can properly train and receive professional mentorship to be more successful and stay longer in the field
  • DSP’s can earn a living wage
  • Consumers, families, and advocates will understand their rights and opportunities to reach their long term living goals
  • Service delivery is proactively monitored to reduce allegations of waste, fraud, abuse or neglect
  • Auditors can easily view required regulatory documentation for medical and non-medical services delivery
  • Clinicians and Therapist can directly be a part of service delivery bringing clinical expertise to everyday life

Help shift the home healthcare paradigm and receive your FREE home healthcare agency in a box!



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