We are shifting the home healthcare paradigm by providing

PT’s, OT’s, RN’s, BSC’s, and SLP’s a FREE home healthcare agency in a box!

As discussed in a recent MedCity News article

Optonome MedCity Article


Our mobile application has been used, audited and inspected while providing regulated medical and non-medical services while tackling the DSP crisis.


Optonome Webinar

Optonome Webinar

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We are leveraging our platform helping you provide home healthcare services 24/7 and stay in compliance while earning more per hour of your time

  • Set your own hours – You decide when you want to provide healthcare and out platform will fill in the rest!
  • No back-office paperwork – Optonome automates the back office management based on local, state and insurance regulations and solves the DSP crisis helping you complete all back-office tasks in a fraction of the time.
  • Get paid on time every time – No denials of claims with our trusted system of active training and monitoring.
  • Ability to earn more per hour – Offer consumers value-based plans to help them improve their social determinants of health at no extra cost.
  • Provide a social impact – With an efficient back-office cost savings help you pay staff more per hour and help consumers achieve optimum autonomy.





E-Book covering some of the major payers

Customized Business Plan with worst-case scenarios

Overview of LLC documents needed for licensure

Overview of non-medical/medical payers & duties while earning more and supporting more people

Optonome offers a unique option to the home healthcare industry

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Receive a proven platform, clinical mentorship, healthcare licenses, service assistance, and customized tools including: customized LLC docs for initial licensing, credentialing and compliance and customized policies and procedures for all payers in your local area.

With our easy onboarding process, you can easily share required information for licensure with HIPAA compliance helping you become qualified for all CMS regulated payers.  Over a 24 month period, you will become qualified with up to ten payers offering over 20 services in your local area, including:

Non-Medical Services

Waiver services (children, adults, and seniors)

Medicare Advantage (seniors)

Private Pay (children, adults, and seniors)

MCO’s (children, adults, and seniors)

Schools and Day Cares

Medical Services

Waiver services (children, adults, and seniors)

MCO’s (children, adults, and seniors)

Plans (children, adults, and seniors)

Hospitals (children, adults, and seniors)

Medicare Part B (seniors)

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