Clinical Specialist (RN’s, OT’s, BSC’s, SLP’s, PT’s) can now provide home healthcare without fraud, abuse, or neglect

Traditional Methods Home Healthcare

Set your own hours – You decide when you want to provide healthcare.

No back-office paperwork – Optonome automates the back office management based on local, state and insurance regulations and solves the DSP crisis helping you complete all back-office tasks in a fraction of the time.

Get paid on time every time – No denials of claims with our trusted system of active training and monitoring.

Ability to earn more per hour – Optonome value-based plans help clients improve their social determinants of health and with your clinical insight – we can shift the home healthcare paradigm.


Start the licensing process and receive a home healthcare agency in a box including:

  • Ongoing online meetups, training courses, and webinars during the licensing process
  • LLC/Corporation of customized home healthcare agency
  • EIN
  • NPI
  • Local tax account
  • Customized operating agreement
  • Customized policies and procedures
  • Prepare and certify to become licensed and directly bill (based on experience)
    • Private payers
    • Medicaid
    • Medicare licensed services
    • Insurances
    • Veterans/State Programs
  • Attorney reviews
  • Shared office space with other experienced healthcare professionals
  • Accounting services ensuring you are tax-efficient
  • Clinical network to offer medical services

By creating your own home healthcare agency you are enabling solutions for an entire community to benefit.

How? We Are Shifting The Home Healthcare Paradigm

Home Healthcare


Once licensed you will be able to directly bill for services using your clinical license or offer clinical oversite to certified DSP’s as they provide medical and non-medical healthcare services, using our single application.