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own a home health agency

The long term care market is growing and expected to reach $549.7 Billion by 2024

With more and more people interested in the long term care industry it is more important than ever before to guide new and existing home healthcare agencies on ways to eliminate allegations of abuse, fraud, and neglect while tackling the social determinants of health. While using Optonome, home health agencies interested in long term healthcare can ensure regulation compliance from day one. Our mobile application ensures all healthcare administrative task costs are minimized while billing for Medicaid, Medicare or families for medical and non-medical healthcare services.

Optonome makes home and community healthcare delivery easy and with the growing home healthcare industry set to reach half a trillion dollars, there is an opportunity to offer healthcare professionals and direct support professionals a growth opportunity that does not currently exist.  Optonome has tested and integrated a non-invasive monitoring solution to help mitigate risk and offer proactive monitoring for all healthcare tasks as they relate to activities of daily living, policies, procedures, and state regulations, training requirements for anybody, anywhere.  Our database is continuously updated with local, state and federal regulations and allow home health administrators to focus on healthcare delivery and not the back office paperwork.

Optonome is a proven platform that manages healthcare services for agencies large and small. Our experience and platform allow us to quickly deploy, update any policies, procedures, or training requirements needed to stay in compliance and support anyone with autism, intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, dementia, Alzheimer’s, heart disorders, respiratory diseases, and mental disorders.

With Optonome:

  1. Direct Support Professionals earn living wages because Optonome automates office tasks and eliminates middlemen.
  2. Healthcare professionals like nurses, behavioral specialist, occupational therapist, and the like are able to become licensed home healthcare agencies and directly bill for Medicaid, Medicare, and private pay services eliminated the middleman and earn more per hour.
  3. Healthcare professionals can continue to
  4. Healthcare agencies can receive more referrals because of the continued trust of our proactive monitoring solution helping consumers receive value-base healthcare no matter where they decide to live or which agency they decide to go with.
  5. Healthcare agencies have the ability to afford amenities that help consumers reach goals and participate in activities of daily living without the burden of cost as a result of their fixed incomes.
  6. Direct Support Professionals have an incentive to continue to work and gain experience so they can become home health agencies owners themselves.
  7. Consumers can afford housing  and training opportunities anywhere they choose with opportunities to live, work and play as they achieve optimum autonomy
  8. Families with persons with healthcare needs can create an affordable plan that will pay for and manage long term healthcare



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2) Search for the public channel “Be Your Own Boss”

3) Join the discussion and take the next steps in owning a home health agency in a local community.


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