A Glimpse into Optonome’s DSP Credentialing program (DSP123)

Several resources are available for someone interested in becoming a Direct Support Professional (DSP). Many of these resources require that you be endorsed or sponsored and are typically not found in one place. Optonome is making it easier to get the training job seekers desire and jobs they deserve to help resolve the DSP Crisis.

The DSP123 Program

Let’s look inside the credentialing program called DSP123. The program provides credential training from Level 1-New User to the industry through Level 5-Team Leader Advanced. It’s free to sign-up, train, and learn the skills necessary to become a DSP and advance your career. The program covers training in Home, Community, Healthcare, and Technology (HCHT).

This platform provides a combination of testing and hands-on demonstration. Proof of accomplishment (digital badges) can be shared with managers of any healthcare agency and used for hiring purposes.

Level 1-4:

This entry level program gives an introduction to the DSP123 program and what it takes to become a certified DSP. The education provides an understanding of the principles and everyday lives of a person with Intellectual Disabilities (ID). Additional modules of the program give basics in documentation and support for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The following are other components to the Level 1 training:

  • Home and Community Care
  • Behavioral Analysis & Support
  • Verbal De-escalation & The Prompting Hierarchy
  • CPI Restraining Methods
  • Incident Management
  • Communication & HIPAA compliance
  • CPR & First Aid
  • General Fire Safety & Fire Drills
  • Emergency Disasters
  • Emergency Preparation & Reporting
  • First Responder
  • Food Safety & Nutrition
  • OSHA Guidelines & Blood Born Pathogens
  • Health & Wellness
  • Boundaries & Ethics
  • Identifying Abuse, Neglect, & Exploitation
  • Professionalism & Etiquette
  • Task Analysis & Documentation
  • Social Capital Management
  • Personal Development, Efficiency & Teamwork
  • Home & Bed Buck Management
  • Smart Goals & Problem Solving
  • Coping Strategies
  • Empathy
  • Scheduling and Service Delivery
  • Meal Planning

Levels 5-7:

These levels build on the foundation of Level 1 to deepen the skills necessary for advanced credentials. In particular:

  • Medication Administration & Management – All modules, Testing and Observation:
    • Introduction
    • How to Safely Administer Medication
    • Hand Washing & Gloving
    • Administration Process
    • Documentation
    • Controlled Substance & Medication Errors
  • Supportive Employment
  • Job Finding

Levels 8-10:

These modules provide the training necessary to lead a team of DSP’s and home-based monitoring based on community home regulations for someone requiring 24-hour healthcare. Additionally, it provides the foundation to manage ISPs for all individuals receiving care under their responsibility. These levels include living wages while continuously guiding DSP’s to build skills that will help them earn more per hour using Optonome.

Benefits of the DSP123 program

For individuals desiring to become or advance their skills in the home, community, healthcare or technology, the benefits are immense. Simply, the accomplishment of Level 1 and completion of Level 2 will provide employment opportunities, most likely with a higher hourly rate because of the Optonome application and the tools it provides. If a user completes and is certified in Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5, they will receive an increased hourly equivalent incentive paid by Optonome, respectively. In this screenshot, advance level DSPs are able to offer supervisory proof of service.

Clinicians can feel confident with the candidate who has completed the credentialing through Optonome. DSP123 ensures that DSPs are given the right education and testing in all service regulations and healthcare needs of the person served. In this screenshot, the colored items represent example certificates attained.

Optonome is making it easier for both individuals wishing to enter a career as a DSP and providers to not only recruit and hire but manage and train their DSP’s. For more information on how DSP123 can benefit you, visit us at optonome.com and request a free demonstration. If you are interested in signing up click this link tp Register.