Licensing Process Using Optonome

Licensing Process Using Optonome

  • Set your own hours
    • You decide when you want to provide healthcare
  • No back-office paperwork
    • Optonome automates the back office based on local, state and insurance regulations.
  • Get paid on time every time
    • No denials of claims with our trusted system of active monitoring.
  • Ability to earn more per hour
    • Optonome value-based plans help consumers improve their social determinants of health.

Traditional Methods Home Healthcare


What does Optonome do for you to earn more per hour?

  • Incorporating your LLC/Corp (like LegalZoom)
  • Obtain EIN
  • Set up NPI
  • Set up a local tax account
  • Customize/Update operating agreement
  • Customize/Update policies and procedures
  • Prepare and send off the package for private pay/Medicaid/Medicare for licensed services (based on experience)
  • Attorney review
  • Offer ongoing meetups, training, and webinars during the licensing process
  • Shared office space with other experienced healthcare professionals
  • Accounting services ensuring you are tax efficient

Once set up, you will be licensed as a home health agency ready to bill directly to insurance companies eliminating the middleman

Home Healthcare

How does Optonome help me once I have my own health agency?

  • We help you find client referrals who need your services
  • We locate and train staff for you.
  • We ensure staff are in compliance and receiving the ongoing training needed to provide quality healthcare 100% of the time
  • We ensure your agency is in compliance with your state and consumer needs 100% of the time
  • We help bill with high confidence with documentation needed to receive payment correctly and efficiently
  • We reduce the chance of fraud, abuse, and neglect through the use of our Optonome platform

With the Optonome platform, you’re able to run your business through your smartphone and we’re 100% paperless


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