Human Resource Management With Optonome


Most HRMS (Human Resource Management Systems) are not mobile and do not talk to existing EMR systems.  With the changing regulations such as EVV, there is a need for a solution helping providers hire, train and guide staff based on changing compliance standards, value-based care while giving access to highly sensitive information in remote locations. Ongoing compliance is very difficult and with more than a 40% turnover rate there is a need to resolve the home healthcare resource crisis so providers can support more people and families can care for their loved ones. Finding the right solution has become difficult and licensed providers as well as families who manage health care are accustomed to traditional methods.

Optonome is helping revolutionize the healthcare industry no matter the location for families and healthcare providers. Optonome’s all user-facing platform allows HR teams to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks associated with human resources management as well as offer training related to the complex needs of individuals with disabilities helping free up some of the companies most valuable employees to other highly impactful areas.

With the security of data being most important, Optonome offers a suite of ways to ensure data is safe and secure while mobile.  Not only is information guarded by passwords or other biometric data, user location using beacon sensors and time of day are also factors when accessing highly sensitive data. With Optonome you are in control of your data and can set different levels of access in relation to what is needed for the task at hand by channel types or user roles to view public or high sensitive data.

Optonome offers FREE training courses to families and interested employees on HIPAA compliance, prompting, ABA task analysis, medication administration, behavioral tracking along with many other courses based on state regulations helping the general public learn more about providing healthcare to a loved one or local community member.  Such onboarding and training features help HR teams offer automated the inbound hiring process and separate an employee when and if needed from their smart device.

Some of the enhanced solutions tried and tested include managing payroll, recruitment, and onboarding, keeping attendance records, performance evaluations, learning management based on state regulations, employee self-service, employee scheduling and much more.



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