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Welcome to Optonome,

We have been in development since 2013 testing novel ways for you to go paperless and provide value-based quality healthcare.

Optonome is for:

Healthcare Providers supporting individuals with autism, intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, seniors, or even veterans in their home, community or workplace.

Families who support loved ones with health care needs.

Direct Support Professionals (DSP)looking to advance in the healthcare field while receiving a living wage. DSP are guided and trained from no experience to offer value-based medical or non-medical healthcare services in a home or community setting.

Skilled Healthcare professionals such as nurses, therapists, specialist, pharmacists, and doctors credentials are quickly verified to support healthcare agencies in their community.

All users can follow the simple step by step instructions to get started after registration.

  1. View dashboard and main features including courses, channels, and settings.
  2. Access team settings
  3. Access channels
  4. Creating channels
  5. Creating forms
  6. Electronic Visit Verification
  7. Assigning forms to channels
  8. Inviting people to your team
  9. Inviting people to a channel