Be a part of a national network of clinician and therapist led businesses!

  • DSP’s can properly train and receive professional mentorship to be more successful and stay longer in the field
  • DSP’s can earn a living wage
  • Consumers, families, and advocates will understand their rights and opportunities to reach their long term living goals
  • Service delivery is proactively monitored to reduce allegations of waste, fraud, abuse or neglect
  • Auditors can easily view required regulatory documentation for medical and non-medical services delivery
  • Clinicians and Therapist can directly be a part of service delivery bringing clinical expertise to everyday life

Healthcare professionals like you can now use their existing skillset to offer value-based care! Just imagine the possibilities with you playing quarterback, your expertise and Optonome will allow families and those needing long term healthcare an opportunity to age in place without waste, fraud, abuse, or neglect” CEO of Optonome – Dennis Dicker

All from your mobile phone!