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Accessing Forms

Accessing channels is seamless allowing you to accessing sensitive information with HIPAA compliance at the in a few steps.

Step 1: While on the dashboard as shown in Fig. 1 click on the double arrow to access the channel view.

Fig. 1



Step 2:  Once in the channel view, click the plus sign in the bottom left corner as shown in Fig. 2.

Fig. 2



Step 3:  Click on “insert a form” to view forms assigned to the channel as shown in Fig. 3

Fig. 3



Step 4:   Select a form from assigned forms to be viewed in the channel as shown in Fig. 4

Fig. 4



Step 5:   View form in the channel or select from an existing form as shown in Fig. 5.

Fig. 5



Owning A Home Health Agency With Optonome

own a home health agency

The long term care market is growing and expected to reach $549.7 Billion by 2024

With more and more people interested in the long term care industry it is more important than ever before to guide new and existing home healthcare agencies on ways to eliminate allegations of abuse, fraud, and neglect while tackling the social determinants of health. While using Optonome, home health agencies interested in long term healthcare can ensure regulation compliance from day one. Our mobile application ensures all healthcare administrative task costs are minimized while billing for Medicaid, Medicare or families for medical and non-medical healthcare services.

Optonome makes home and community healthcare delivery easy and with the growing home healthcare industry set to reach half a trillion dollars, there is an opportunity to offer healthcare professionals and direct support professionals a growth opportunity that does not currently exist.  Optonome has tested and integrated a non-invasive monitoring solution to help mitigate risk and offer proactive monitoring for all healthcare tasks as they relate to activities of daily living, policies, procedures, and state regulations, training requirements for anybody, anywhere.  Our database is continuously updated with local, state and federal regulations and allow home health administrators to focus on healthcare delivery and not the back office paperwork.

Optonome is a proven platform that manages healthcare services for agencies large and small. Our experience and platform allow us to quickly deploy, update any policies, procedures, or training requirements needed to stay in compliance and support anyone with autism, intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, dementia, Alzheimer’s, heart disorders, respiratory diseases, and mental disorders.

With Optonome:

  1. Direct Support Professionals earn living wages because Optonome automates office tasks and eliminates middlemen.
  2. Healthcare professionals like nurses, behavioral specialist, occupational therapist, and the like are able to become licensed home healthcare agencies and directly bill for Medicaid, Medicare, and private pay services eliminated the middleman and earn more per hour.
  3. Healthcare professionals can continue to
  4. Healthcare agencies can receive more referrals because of the continued trust of our proactive monitoring solution helping consumers receive value-base healthcare no matter where they decide to live or which agency they decide to go with.
  5. Healthcare agencies have the ability to afford amenities that help consumers reach goals and participate in activities of daily living without the burden of cost as a result of their fixed incomes.
  6. Direct Support Professionals have an incentive to continue to work and gain experience so they can become home health agencies owners themselves.
  7. Consumers can afford housing  and training opportunities anywhere they choose with opportunities to live, work and play as they achieve optimum autonomy
  8. Families with persons with healthcare needs can create an affordable plan that will pay for and manage long term healthcare



1) Register at

2) Search for the public channel “Be Your Own Boss”

3) Join the discussion and take the next steps in owning a home health agency in a local community.


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Home Healthcare Agencies

Welcome to Optonome,

We have been in development since 2013 testing novel ways for you to go paperless and provide value-based quality healthcare.

Optonome is for:

Healthcare Agencies supporting individuals with autism, intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, seniors, or even veterans in their home, community or workplace.

Families who support loved ones with health care needs.

Direct Support Professionals (DSP)looking to advance in the healthcare field while receiving a living wage. DSP are guided and trained from no experience to offer value-based medical or non-medical healthcare services in a home or community setting.

Skilled Healthcare professionals such as nurses, therapists, specialist, pharmacists, and doctors credentials are quickly verified to support healthcare agencies in their community.

All users can follow the simple step by step instructions to get started after registration.

  1. View dashboard and main features including courses, channels, and settings.
  2. Access team settings
  3. Access channels
  4. Creating channels
  5. Creating forms
  6. Electronic Visit Verification
  7. Assigning forms to channels
  8. Inviting people to your team
  9. Inviting people to a channel








Searching For Channels

You can search for channels you create, are invited to or join or available to the public.  You can only access a channel based on the type of the channel outlined when creating a channel and role. ex. If the channel type is HIPAA compliant you can only access based on the location specified for that channel.  After accessing the channel screen you can view the left curtain by clicking the top left corner as shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1

After accessing the left curtain click on the “search channel input area to type the desired channel name as shown in Fig. 2.Fig. 2


As you type you will see search results of channels matching your inputted text as shown in Fig. 3. Select the desired channel and you may view channel history based on the channel type.

Fig. 3

Self Inspection Of Community Homes

As documented in 6400.15,a self-assessment of each home serving eight or fewer individuals, within 3 to 6 months prior to the expiration date of the agency’s certificate of compliance, to measure and record compliance.

The licensing inspection instrument for the community homes is offered by the department to measure compliance.  A copy of the self-assessment results and a written summary of corrections made shall be kept by the agency for at least 1 year.

Ongoing monitoring of each home is essential to the health and safety of residents. In an effort to keep you in compliance the self-inspection tool can easily be filled out using Optonome (See Fig. 1). With Optonome you are able to do more self-assessments and be in compliance at all times!  

Fig. 1

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As documented in 6400.14, abuse of an individual is prohibited. Abuse is an act or omission of an act that willfully deprives an individual of rights or human dignity or which may cause or causes actual physical injury or emotional harm to an individual, such as striking or kicking an individual; neglect; rape; sexual molestation, sexual exploitation or sexual harassment of an individual; sexual contact between a staff person and an individual; restraining an individual without following the requirements in this chapter; financial exploitation of an individual; humiliating an individual; or withholding regularly scheduled meals.

Ongoing monitoring of abuse can be difficult when using paper or other traditional methods.   Current passive systems rely on the actual user to document themselves as the abuser which very rare. With Optonome, providers are able to use real-time sensor data to compare actual behaviors of all known direct care workers, friends, family members, advocates or the general public in the vicinity of the resident without requiring any documentation of abuse.

Such behavioral information can be used to proactively document incidents and document reportable and non-reportable incidents required time frames.


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Searching Channel History

Searching channel history is easy! As you document more and more data there will be a need to find specific information based on what you remember what was said, a specific form or date range. Here is how you find what you are looking for:


Step 1 – While in channel click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the channel


Step 2 – View and fill out required fields to your liking (date range is optional) and click search


Step 3 – View results – You may click on each result to view the actual form completed or view location data.


Happy Searching!

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Nutrition Monitoring In Community Homes


Proper nutrition monitoring in community homes is essential to ensure the ongoing health of residents and reduce incidents. Proactive systems are needed for licensed providers as well as families and non-licensed providers.  Optonome allows anyone to easily manage the nutrition of someone with disabilities based on state regulations making sure the right person is alerted before an incident occurs or out of compliance.

With Optonome, you can easily document, delegate tasks and monitor ongoing compliance regulations with our customized forms and channels ensuring the health and safety of residents at all times and locations.

Protection of Food 6400.171

Three Meals A Day 6400.172

Quantity Of Food 6400.173

Food Groups 6400.174

Serving Of Meals 6400.175

Returned Food 6400.176

Searching channel history is also easy with date parameters and results that include location and user information all in one simple application.

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Incidents & Regulatory Concerns In A Residential Setting

As documented and shared by ODP and many other state agencies around the US. Qualitative analysis of incidents and regulatory concerns note five reoccurring conditions that have the potential to impact mortality in the licensed residential settings including:

1. documented history of at least one similar event that had occurred in a similar setting.

2. previous recommendations by medical professionals that may not have been implemented.

3. staff on duty at the time of an incident unfamiliar with the home or residences.

4. inadequate training for staff caring for the participant’s needs.

5. Inconsistencies in the participant’s care plans.

State offices intend to work closely with providers to reduce the likelihood of recurring incidents but risks are high using traditional methods.

Data from ODP reflects the disability profile of individuals in group homes show a greater incidence of behavioral health issues including trauma, mood/anxiety disorder, psychotic disorder and neurodiversity/autism spectrum. With regard to physical disabilities, residents are more likely to have a mobility impairment, dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) and neurological disabilities including low muscle tone and seizures. Health difficulties include higher incidences of diabetes, respiratory fragility, heart disease, and age-related conditions including dementia. The ongoing problems in the industry are known and traditional methods are costing providers time and money.

With Optonome:

  1. Provider administrators and staff are able to document and view current staff clocked in at residential sites and history via their mobile phone or desktop in HIPAA compliant channels helping supervisors easily search and review events, activities, and incidents.
  2. Managers can invite other medical professionals can also document in HIPAA channels to easily share recommendations along with alerts and notifications.  Staff, family, and professions can document medical history, new prescriptions and healthcare information to ensure interested partied are notified when and where needed.
  3. Because of the ongoing turnover providers are forced to quickly train and employ staff for immediate service delivery sacrificing thorough isp training and home needs. With Optonome, staff are properly trained staff based on state regulations and offer onsite orientations customized to the needs of the home and individual support plan helping staff be familiar with evacuation routes, locations of first aid items, fire extinguishers, and any other items in the home or residences.
  4. With our built-in learning management, training courses can be customized based on the residents needs to ensure training requirements are met before providing services.   The form builder learning management system allows providers to create ongoing quizzes only and on the fly ensuring staff is trained in changes in the ISP and behaviors as needed.
  5. It is very difficult to make sure care plans are updated as needed. Optonome helps providers to document and notify changes in care plans for all team members before they become officially recorded by support coordinators in order to properly train staff and ensure ongoing compliance without the burden of 3rd parties or further incidents.