While In Beta

Optonome (called Amity Care Cloud in beta) was built to be a Platform as a Services (PaaS) solution for licensing use on a subscription basis and launched in the real estate and healthcare markets in 2014. Created by our CEO, a technology innovator while running his home health care organization trying to save time and money: onboarding, training, scheduling, billing, documenting regulatory compliance, completing payroll, supervise remote staff, approve documentation to bill on time, manage expenses, manage facilities in remote locations, and eliminating overtime.

While running his home healthcare organization he noticed in order to complete these tasks efficiently and increase the social capital of individuals with disabilities, each of the players who may come in contact with that individual must be able to properly communicate (based on the individuals unique needs) to optimize their capacity for optimum autonomy (hence the name Optonome).

Our top 10 features developed while in beta include:

  1. An easy sign-up process that is free to register and train to offer services based on local state and federal regulations.
  2. Communicate in real time and share information with search and alerts based on permission levels and location.
  3. Location-based channels that securely share information and accessibility based on current location.
  4. Public channels helping Optonome users communicate with small businesses, entities, and other community members while participating in activities and events.
  5. Remote guidance to complete forms with electronic visit verification (EVV) minimizing allegations of abuse, neglect or fraud.
  6. Form builder to help users customize and document anything to be summarized for daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly reports.
  7. Patented adaptive learning management system (LMS) that provides learning content based on trainee abilities.
  8. Customized calendar with optional location verification and documentation requirements.
  9. Debit card for community activities making sure money is spent at specific times and locations.
  10. Billing, expense management and payroll using Quickbooks API and other payroll API’s to complete our all in one platform for small businesses.