A Message From Our Founder & CEO Dennis Dicker

Our story started as a home health agency in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania supporting adults with autism and intellectual disabilities as they transition out of hospitals, institutions and families homes – wanting to live more independent lives.  At the time there was no safety net in place and local home health agencies could not support them and their unique needs. Believe it or not, running a home health agency is very difficult when supporting someone with unique needs, it is complex and expensive and home health agencies everywhere are losing money as a result of the DSP crisis and the many requirements needed to stay in compliance that could otherwise be passed onto DSP’s increasing their wages or to clients helping them improve their social determinants of health. 

Optonome was built so that those with healthcare needs can achieve optimum autonomy and true independence while improving their social determinants of health, anywhere. This cannot be done with traditional methods and Optonome is happy to steer the home healthcare industry in the right direction to help DSP’s improve their skill sets, increase pay to living wages so they can reach their goals, and help those with healthcare needs receive the healthcare they need no matter their location without fraud, abuse or neglect.