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Why You Need Optonome For Healthcare

Data management

Track moods, behaviors, support plans, eating, sleep, or any data trends in real time

Healthcare Anywhere

The days of living in institutional settings are over! Receive proper healthcare no matter the ability or disability with our beacon technology for verification and transparency of all healthcare based on state regulations

Screen, Certify and Monitor Staff The Smart Way

A proactive approach to reducing turnover, allegations of abuse, neglect or fraud using beacon sensors

Paperless With HIPAA compliance

No more huge piles of paperwork cluttering your office. All information is accessible or viewed based on location or user role.

What Are Beacons?

Beacons verify the location of both patients and staff while actively using Optonome within a home or facility. Optonome uses Beacons as an added layer of security and transparency when receiving and providing human services in any location around the world. Beacons give families, health professionals, supervisors, managers, and local governments with permission the ability to access and view sensitive behavioral, financial or protected health information (PHI) based on location inside a home or facility including.

Why You Need Optonome For Real Estate


Pre-screened tenants, certified staff managing homes and increased rent paid on time


Easily document mileage, receipts, utilities or any other tax deductible item


Track contractor punch list items based on location and international building codes to stay on budget when completing any repair or improvement

Smart Home Management

Non invasive active monitoring of all people entering the home documenting a complete all audit trail and continued compliance of local, state and federal regulations

Value Proposition for Multiple Industries helping lower the cost of healthcare!

  • Ensure money is spent with location-based receipt and mileage tracking
  • Customized form builder to quickly change required documentation and push to field staff
  • Eliminate text and email with real-time messaging channels

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