Life Skills 24/7

 LifeSkills 24/7 also helps adults: take care of themselves,  live on their own, easily connect with family and friends, be part of a community, employed, with access to transportation,  have access to health services and more importantly have opportunities to socialize!

Our database includes over 2,000,000+ tutorials for preparing breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner 

Life Skills 24/7 can be set up in any community housing location helping individuals with intellectual disabilities complete any activity of daily living in their home, community, and workplace with step by step instructions and remote supervision


Adults can participate in Life Skills 24/7 if they:
• Are age 18 or older • Receive benefits from the Pennsylvania Waiver provider or are sponsored • Want to live on their own
• Are open to new experiences and opportunities • Are interested in life skills training, job training, higher education or employment • Want to socialize with peers and form meaningful relationships • Can follow simple directions • Can self-medicate with minimal supervision