6400 Smart Home

Introducing 6400 Smart Home

A new software and hardware package built using revolutionary technology giving providers and families real-time proactive approach to incident management and team communication. Providers can authorize access to direct support professionals, supervisors, family members, therapist, certified investigators, behavioral specialist, support coordinators or any other third parties with multi-factor authentication. Authorized users are able to remotely interact with the individual, their support plan (ISP) and direct support professional (DSP) in the home — without invasion of privacy. Beacon sensors are placed throughout the home giving a 24-hour task, log and documentation assistance for all on-site users.


Do you provide 24-hour home and community healthcare in a licensed community home under Pennsylvania code 55 PA Chapter 6400 or similar regulation? If so, you know all about the problems associated with ongoing home and healthcare compliance monitoring, incident management, and direct support staff turnover. This crisis really greatly effects the overall quality of care provided to individuals in need.

With 6400 Smart Home, all staff are trained to document 6400 regulation requirements.

Keep track of regulations related to General Requirements, Individual rights, Staffing, Staff Health, Individual Health, Program Policies, Restrictive Procedures, Individual Records and much more.

Incidents are reported in real time with detailed documentation giving authorized first responders, behavioral specialist, supervisors or family members instant insight no matter their location. Providers are able to easily share with team members and county officials fulfilling reporting requirements as indicated in Reporting of unusual incidents



Medications can be administered with increased oversight and tracking

Nutrition and meals are managed with the ultimate kitchen tool based on the individual’s current location and support plan (ISP). DSP’s will have access to over 1 Million recipes for in home cooking. Such a combination gives DSP’s the ability to plan and offer meals based on likes, dislikes, allergies, diet, existing items in the home as outlined in Nutrition.Keep track of fire drills and fire-related policies and procedures remotely monitor the physical site.